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Everyone is welcome to all events but please check if tickets are needed. All the events below are held in the Village Hall from 8pm unless shown otherwise. They are all advertised with posters in the village shops and shown in the diary pages of the Hambledonian. If you have any doubt or for any more information contact Martyn on 02392 632800.

January 10th Sunday

X + Y

January 15/22 Friday

No event – Village Hall not booked

February 7th Sunday


February 19th Friday

No Speaker

March 6th Sunday


March 18th Friday

Music Night

April 3rd Sunday

Lady in the Van


April 21st, 22nd, 23rd   

Drama Group production - The Vicar of Dibley


May 20th Friday

Annual General Meeting  plus Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary and Drama exhibition

 June 25th Saturday

Outdoor Theatre – Rude Mechanicals

July 8th Friday

Poetry Evening – Picnics and Poetry in Hambledon House garden


August 28th – 29st
Sunday - Monday

Art Exhibition - the Painting Group's exhibition at Hambledon House


September 4th Sunday

Film Night


September 16th Friday

Speaker – William Lashley

October 2nd Sunday

Film Night


October 21st Friday

Speaker – Trafalgar Day/Nelson


November 6th Sunday

Film Night


November 17th, 18th, 19th

Drama Group production


December 4th Sunday

Film Night


December 16th Friday

Christmas Evening